Unfortunately, nowadays the every-day reality is that in a split second your precious possessions may be gone. Besides the emotional damage which usually accompanies such an invasion of privacy, after a break-in the material damage can be huge. The consequences of an event like that are usually difficult to oversee, especially when it happens during your absence and you will need to take care of matters from a distance. That is to say, if you have been notified at all that you were burgled! In many cases property-owners in Spain are not even made aware that they were the victim of such a crime, and as a result they do not find out until after their arrival in Spain. Instead of enjoying a carefree holiday they now see their house damaged and robbed, with no idea what happened and when... a very unpleasant surprise indeed!

Security: 24 hours a day

OneStopCare can advise you about reliable security for your property. We only work with companies that we have personally selected for their expertise, skills and reliability. We shall be the first point of contact for the security company; as soon as an alarm goes off, we will be notified. We shall then immediately proceed to your property and inform you about the situation. In constant consultation with you, we shall keep control and take care of all necessary precautions as well as emergency repairs that need to be done. If possible, we shall ensure that the damage is instantly fixed. If the extent of the damage requires that a loss adjuster needs to visit, we shall accompany them. Additionally we shall ask for quotations for permanent repairs and, after consultation with you and subject to your approval, we shall see to it that they are executed satisfactorily.

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