Jennifer Oosterbaan

Jennifer Oosterbaan

Jennifer Oosterbaan: “Promises are always kept!”

Jennifer Oosterbaan has extensive experience in commercial services. She is a tough but fair contract negotiator who brings price and quality together in optimal proportion. Her motto for her service providers is: A deal is a deal!

She worked as an Executive Project Buyer for a builder of custom-built luxury mega-ships, and within these projects she was responsible for procurement, outsourcing and logistics. Additionally, she supervised and managed (long term) contracts, and controlled budgets and the quality process for calculations.

Jennifer furthermore has ample experience as a Senior Buyer of facility services. In addition to the procurement duties of this position she held responsibility for following market and product developments, managing supplier relationships, benchmarking, and compliance with law and regulations.

Her wide-ranging expertise will enable the assembly of customized packages comprising top quality services at best available prices, to the benefit of her clients.

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