Most likely, for the bigger part of the year your property in Spain is not supervised, with no control of all that might happen. Although weather conditions in Spain are usually fantastic, they can be very severe, with terrible storms and heavy downpours. This will inevitably have consequences for the state of your property. Furthermore, in a house that is uninhabited for most of the time, fungi and bacteria that are damaging to your health will develop very rapidly. If OneStopCare supervises your second home, these risks are virtually non-existent.

Complete supervision

As soon as you leave your Spanish home, OneStopCare takes over full management of your property. We regularly inspect inside and around the house. This inspection includes, but is not limited to, checking for damages, leakages, etc., verifying proper functioning of sunscreens, as well as the locks on doors, windows and gates, and bugs-control. We furthermore empty your mailbox, flush the toilets, showers and taps, water the plants and give the house a full airing. Should a calamity have occurred, or the inspection has brought to light that certain matters need your immediate attention, we will contact you directly to report and advise which actions are required to best solve the situation.

Additionally, many practical matters concerning your Spanish property are in good hands at OneStopCare. We can, for instance, arrange for you the (re)connection of water, gas and electricity. And even your administrative chores can be outsourced to us, so that television, telephone and internet connections are all ready to be used in time for your next arrival in Spain.

More information?

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