Medical Care

Our Medical Care programme is for those unfortunate occasions that you may need medical support. OneStopCare has developed this package in order to assist you whenever you or your loved ones need medical attention of any kind. To this purpose we have built an extensive network of medical professionals for you to choose from.

The best medical attention

Do you (temporarily) need to use medical devices such as crutches, walkers or mobility scooters? We will arrange that these tools are delivered at your Spanish home when you need them. Our network includes English-speaking medical specialists such as family doctors, dentists and homecare organizations, so that if something unexpectedly should happen to you, you can rely on us to get you the best medical care: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

OneStopCare offers support in finding and communicating with:
- Family doctors
- Dentists
- Hospitals
- Medical specialists
- Physiotherapists
- Vets
- Homecare organizations
- Suppliers of medical devices

More information?

Do you wish to receive our extensive brochure? Do you have any questions or need for additional information? Please call (+34) 965 724 777, or send us an e-mail at: We will contact you within 24 hours.