Every house needs to be maintained and occasionally renovated. OneStopCare will gladly step in for you, and take care of your property anyway you want us to. Our Maintenance Care programme comprises a wide range of services: from repairs of smaller items indoor or outdoors to managing a construction or renovation project or even the installation of a swimming pool. Additionally, we can regularly maintain your garden and your swimming pool. Both during your stay in Spain and while you’re away, your property is in good hands with OneStopCare.

Choose the contract form that suits you best

Our maintenance contracts are by definition not standard, you can opt for a simple maintenance contract for your air conditioner and water heater, or for your swimming pool, but you can also decide to let us take care of everything. That is completely up to you. Flexible contracts with flexible prices are the strength of OneStopCare!

More information?

Do you wish to receive our extensive brochure? Do you have any questions or need for additional information? Please call (+34) 965 724 777, or send us an e-mail at: We will contact you within 24 hours.