Enjoy your property in Spain without a worry in the world. Be completely relaxed about it, both during your stay in Spain but also after you have returned home. From now on that feeling can be yours, because OneStopCare gladly takes care of everything concerning you and your Spanish property in the Costa Blanca region. If you decide to make use of the unique high-level quality services of OneStopCare, you are ensured of reliable, knowledgeable and experienced care, just as you are used to back home.

Are you in need of a well-earned holiday? At your arrival in your Spanish home you will find a perfectly kept house, recently cleaned, with freshly made beds and your refrigerator filled with all the fresh produce you might desire, while flowers decorate your table. Your garden is impeccably maintained and your pool is ready for you to jump in. When your stay in Spain has to end, you just close the front door behind you, while OneStopCare immediately takes over looking after your Spanish house.

OneStopCare has built a vast network of preferred suppliers in a wide range of disciplines. Without exception, these are professional and trustworthy experts, so that we are able to deliver high-quality service, exactly as promised: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Get the best quality at a competitive price

Depending on your wishes, we can either provide you with one or more separate services, or you can choose to combine them into a package customized to perfectly fit your needs. We dare say that everything is possible, because of our purchasing strategies and our selection of suppliers, which ensures that we are able to offer you the best quality at competitive prices.

Always up-to-date

Needless to say,OneStopCare keeps you updated and informed about the state of your property on a continuous basis. Because of our thorough quality-control system we can provide you with all the information you require, at any given moment. Furthermore, we will regularly send you an easy-reference management log in which we have noted all the agreements, progress, results as well as all maintenance done. This guarantees that you will never experience any unpleasant surprises, whatsoever.

The driving forces behind OneStopCare are:
Jennifer Oosterbaan & Simone Dortmans