For reservations and registrations for a wide array of leisure and entertainment activities OneStopCare can also be of service to you. And thanks to our babysit and childcare service you will be able to enjoy a night out with full peace of mind.

OneStopCare can provide for you:
- Reservations for restaurants
- Reservations for events (musicals, operas, concerts, etc.)
- Reservations of green fees
- Bookings of flights, car rental service, bike rental service, etc.
- Airport service to and from the airport
- Information about & reservation of day trips and guides, etc.
- Registrations for sports clubs, language courses, etc.
- Childcare and babysitting
- Pets care (grooming, boarding, walking service)

Easy does it

If you can let us know what your wishes and preferences are, we will even keep you up-to-date regarding future events, for you to keep in mind when you plan your next stay at your Spanish home.

More information?

Do you wish to receive our extensive brochure? Do you have any questions or need for additional information? Please call (+34) 965 724 777, or send us an e-mail at: We will contact you within 24 hours.